Chinese 3

Chinese 3
Reasons to Learn Chinese

Learning Chinese in this day and age is the smartest move you can ever make. This language promises a lot of positive results because its understanding can open numerous doors for you. Rather than asking why you should learn Chinese, you should ask yourself why you shouldn’t, and only then can you see that the pros far outweigh the cons. If you are looking for a career booster, a new academic pursuit, or simply looking for something to occupy your time, you should consider learning Chinese mandarin. This is one of the best investments you can make because learning this language promises a very high payoff. In this article, we will be looking at some of the reasons why you should consider learning Chinese. See hsk vocabulary

Firstly, learning Chinese is not as hard as many people think. Chinese is quite an easy language to master if you are committed to the learning process. A lot of people consider learning Chinese hard because the language has a different writing system, but this should not deter you. Chinese uses phonetic writing. It comprises of semi-phonetic ideograms and pictograms rather than the regular letters many people are used to. Understanding these phonetic elements is quite easy because they are very organized. You only need to learn a few thousand elements to be fluent in the language. Chinese is easy to learn because it does not have tenses, genders, or cases. This means that you only have basic grammar to learn.

Secondly, there are numerous ways to learn Chinese today. An easy way to learn Chinese is to opt for computer-based learning. This is not only convenient and fun but also makes understanding easier. Gone are the days when you had to have dictionaries with you to learn. You can also opt for media-assisted learning. This involves using music and movies to understand the language. You can also choose to learn Chinese through your mobile phone. Phones today have many characters, some of them being Chinese. If drawing the Chinese characters proves to be difficult for you, you can start by typing the characters, which requires you to only memorize what different characters mean. When you do this, you will soon find yourself drawing the characters without aid. View chinese sentences structure

Finally, learning Chinese is a good idea because the language opens up numerous opportunities for you. You can look for work in China with ease if you can understand their language. This means that you have access to one of the world’s most booming economies. Understanding the language is also rare in countries other than China, and this, therefore, makes you more attractive in the job market if you are fluent.

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